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What does it really mean to be a successful researcher? Handling your PhD with new courage


Academic writing isn’t a matter of genius; it is a craft. As PhD writers, we are responsible for securing time, space, and energy for our research project regularly. This can be difficult amidst all other duties, tasks, and calls for our attention and time. At times, we might even feel paralysed by expectations, fantasies, or even myths about what constitutes great academic work.

This online workshop gives you an opportunity to invite these demons in for tea (to borrow a phrase from research writer Joli Jensen). We reflect on what it really means to be a successful researcher, and to write a good PhD thesis. Through short inputs, individual reflection and safe small-group sharing, we explore falsehoods about doing good scientific work as well as principles and tools that can help us get back on track with new energy and courage.

The workshop consists of a 2,5-hour small-group session, followed by individual coachings. Participants can attend the morning session and an individual coaching, or just sign up for one of the two.

Dr. Vera Leberecht

Dr. Vera Leberecht studied Linguistics, Intercultural Communication and Theology in Germany and Finland. She worked at Maastricht University Language Centre for several years before starting her own training and consulting business in 2008. She is enthusiastic about empowering professionals to communicate with reason and resonance, in academia and beyond.